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Abundant Solar
Abundant Solar
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C. Samuel Bradford
In 2019 the good humans at Abundant Solar installed a 5400 watt PV system on top of our house. That worked out so well that when we decided to put up a new structure behind our house this year (2024) we worked with the builder and the people at Abundant Solar to incorporate an additional 4920 watt system on top of that. ALL of the individuals from Abundant Solar with whom we have had direct contact - Rhine, Dave, Aaron, Derlis, and Cassandra - have been supremely friendly and professional. The technology, regulatory oversight, and financial incentives connected with solar energy are all constantly moving targets, but these guys are on top of all that and made it easy for us to get the best system at the best price. Installation was fast and efficient. We are happy to offer them the highest possible endorsement.
Brett Morrissette
Very knowledgeable, organized and professional.
Michael Antonishen
We are lucky to have a business like this in Corvallis. My experience with them was exceptional in every way. Reasonable pricing, great communication, impressive domain knowledge, top notch quality of work. They made everything easy, left a clean job site each day, and were fun to have around. Rhine was a pleasure to work with on estimating and design, and Dave and the crew were exceptional at installing the equipment and getting it all connected. Cassandra made the paperwork easy. Whole crew had excellent attention to detail, and cared about getting everything right. A few times, we needed to make some decisions on how to route something or where to put something, and we always had great thorough discussions on pros/cons before proceeding - and the result is a happy customer and a great install!
Joe Busch
Ryan gave me some tips on rerouting the wiring to a system they installed ten years ago. Super helpful thank you
Betsy Glenn
I've worked with Abundant Solar on 3 installations (2 solar panel, 1 battery backup) at my house. On each occasion, everyone from Abundant Solar has been extremely knowledgeable and responsive and my system has been functioning perfectly for over 12 years. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Corvallis area looking to install solar.
Bruce Cowger
Everyone I know in the mid Willamette Valley who has solar panels had them installed by Abundant Solar and, to a person, they're happy with the outcome. And after the November 2023 installation at my house, I see why. The Abundant Solar crew are knowledgeable and easy to work with. They took great pains to create a tidy and durable installation. Because I asked for the full meal deal (solar panels, large backup battery, and integration with my existing generator) it was a complex commissioning process. But Abundant Solar persevered and the system now performs just as I had hoped. If you want a solar energy team you can trust to install and fix whatever might fail down the road, contact Abundant Solar of Corvallis.
Chava Neuhaus
In 2018 Abundant Solar installed a 11.6 kW system at our house. The system has worked flawlessly for the 5 years that it has been in. At the time we asked them if they could install a slightly oversized inverter so that we could expand the system sometime in the future if we were able to get an electric car. In 2020 we were able to get an electric car and in 2023 we asked them to expand the solar capacity to the maximum that the inverter allowed. As it turned out, to fit the additional 9 panels on our roof wasn't easy. But they explored different layout geometry and were able to come up with a great design that maximized the system's output as we had wanted. That happened this Fall. Since the day that it came online, it has again operated flawlessly and we are producing enough power to not only cover most of our household electricity needs, but also that of the electric car. I can't recommend them enough for their technical expertise, their ability to problem solve and their responsiveness. I am so impressed with this company and the work that they have done over the last 5 years.
K. H.
Not only were The Abundant Solar crew very professional but very patient in answering all our questions about our recent solar project. We couldn't be more happy with the results A great experience all round; this was our second solar project with them, We highly recommend Abundant Solar.
Rob Blair
Abundant Solar was great. We had 23 panels installed on three different roof areas. They had excellent recommendations and were able to accommodate my requests (such as with conduit, look of installation, and shade concerns). They were price competitive with other solar providers (be wary of door to door sellers). Overall I'm very satisfied with the work they completed!
Jeff Martin
We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and customer care that Rhine and the team from Abundant showed to us during our solar system install. The installation was top-notch and all of our questions were answered as the process went along.