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Abundant Solar
Abundant Solar
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Chava Neuhaus
In 2018 Abundant Solar installed a 11.6 kW system at our house. The system has worked flawlessly for the 5 years that it has been in. At the time we asked them if they could install a slightly oversized inverter so that we could expand the system sometime in the future if we were able to get an electric car. In 2020 we were able to get an electric car and in 2023 we asked them to expand the solar capacity to the maximum that the inverter allowed. As it turned out, to fit the additional 9 panels on our roof wasn't easy. But they explored different layout geometry and were able to come up with a great design that maximized the system's output as we had wanted. That happened this Fall. Since the day that it came online, it has again operated flawlessly and we are producing enough power to not only cover most of our household electricity needs, but also that of the electric car. I can't recommend them enough for their technical expertise, their ability to problem solve and their responsiveness. I am so impressed with this company and the work that they have done over the last 5 years.
K. H.
Not only were The Abundant Solar crew very professional but very patient in answering all our questions about our recent solar project. We couldn't be more happy with the results A great experience all round; this was our second solar project with them, We highly recommend Abundant Solar.
Rob Blair
Abundant Solar was great. We had 23 panels installed on three different roof areas. They had excellent recommendations and were able to accommodate my requests (such as with conduit, look of installation, and shade concerns). They were price competitive with other solar providers (be wary of door to door sellers). Overall I'm very satisfied with the work they completed!
Jeff Martin
We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and customer care that Rhine and the team from Abundant showed to us during our solar system install. The installation was top-notch and all of our questions were answered as the process went along.
Eric Rehm
From my point of view as an engineer and scientist, Abundant Solar knows its stuff. They did a beautiful and efficient 9.1 kW installation on my new home with a standing seam metal roof: panels, inverter, backup switch, and battery storage. My system also has a unique integration with.a Span Smart electrical panel — there was no hesitation on Abundant’s part to work and configure the system with this tech. Abundant Solar also mounted and ran the cables for a solar irradiance and panel temperature sensor which will help me track the system’s efficiency over time. James Reismiller did the original solar assessment and design, and agreed to install a new SolarEdge battery storage product. Both Kirk Bailey and Rhine Chesshire helped me with configuration and monitoring questions. Contracts and invoices were handled professionally. I highly recommend Abundant Solar for your home or commercial PV solar design and install.
Mike Beilstein
Very satisfied with our added photovoltaic panels. It was a long wait to get them, I assume because Abundant Solar is very busy. The integration with our existing PV system was complicated by changes in technology and regulations, but they solved it and gave us a complete explanation. Happy to recommend Abundant Solar for anyone planning on adding solar panels.
Lyn C
This company is awesome. The work they do is top notch and they communicate very well. I built a house in 2008 and they installed my solar system back then. It worked great. Then I recently downsized and bought a smaller home in town. They installed a large solar system on this house and it is fantastic. I'm very happy with my new system and am happy to have had Abundant Solar install this system. They are the best, and they are local.
Vance R Holloway
I strongly recommend Abundant Solar. Kirk Bailey was helpful and knowledgeable in our initial discussions of installation possibilities. Rhine Chesshire, the primary solar designer, was extremely helpful once we made a contract. He not only provided a missing piece of equipment from a previous small solar installation done 11 years ago, he also optimized his design after two site visits and upgraded the individual panel equipment without additional charge. Abundant Solar had the best bid of four we considered, and they have a reputation, highly deserved for doing excellent installations, according to the Corvallis building inspector. I think the equipment they use is also better, considering the mountings, the USA-made panels and the inverter, than many of their competitors. Altogether, Abundant Solar excelled from start to finish!
Deana Grobe
Abundant Solar is fabulous to work with. We put our first array up with them in 2015 and another array up in May. They were so great to work with, organized, arrived on time, answered all our questions. I can't say enough good things about them.
Martin Schulz
We added more panels to an existing array. The crew was easy to work with, came up with good solutions for a couple of problems, and got the system up and running quickly. I'm happy to be part of the solution!