Roof Mounted Residential Solar Array by Abundant Solar of Corvallis Oregon
Roof Mounted Residential Solar Array by Abundant Solar of Corvallis Oregon
Roof Mounted Residential Solar Array by Abundant Solar of Corvallis Oregon

Every hour more energy from sunlight strikes the earth’s surface than is consumed worldwide in a year.

At Abundant Solar, our job is to put the power to harvest solar energy in the hands of homeowners and businesses.

Today, solar electric systems are more affordable than ever, thanks to state rebates and federal tax credits, utility rebates, and net metering laws that allow consumers to sell excess power back to the grid. Your solar electric system will provide a clean and stable, low maintenance source of energy for many years into the future, while offsetting your use of traditional greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources, such as coal and natural gas.

In fact, with a properly sized solar electric system, your home or office can be a net zero power plant, producing enough clean energy on a yearly basis to meet all your electricity needs.

On average, Western Oregon receives more sunlight per year than Germany, one of the world’s leading solar markets.

Be a Part of the Solution

At Abundant Solar, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our world community by empowering people to produce their own clean, renewable energy at their homes and workplaces.

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Building a New Home?

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Why Go Solar?

Modern Solar Electric Systems:

  • Have an expected life of 25+ years with a 25-year warranty on modules
  • Provide a sound and secure investment in your future
  • Increase property value
  • Show leadership in your community for clean energy solutions
  • Can operate for years with no maintenance
  • Reduce or eliminate electricity bills
  • Recover the energy required for manufacturing within 2-5 years
  • Are less toxic to produce than a laptop computer
  • With battery storage can provide secure emergency backup power

A Viable Alternative

  • In Oregon, over 40% of our electricity comes from burning coal
  • Worldwide, burning coal makes up 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions

Each Month, a Five-Kilowatt Solar Electric System: *

  • Prevents 550 pounds of coal from being mined
  • Prevents 1,200 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere * based on a system that produces 550 kWh/month

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