Silfab Solar Modules

Abundant Solar is proud to offer locally produced Silfab solar modules built in Bellingham, Washington. Silfab solar modules are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. Produced in Bellingham Washington, these modules have the smallest carbon footprint of any module we carry. Silfab is the largest and most automated solar manufacturer in North America. These are the modules we sell because of their great track record, and USA-made labor and environmental standards. Silfab solar modules include an industry leading 25-year product workmanship and 30-year performance warranty.

Mission Solar Modules

Abundant Solar also offers USA-made Mission Solar modules. Mission Solar solar modules are powerful and built tougher than industry standards, but they are also attractive. Produced in San Antonio Texas, these modules have a great reputation and warranty in the industry.  Mission Solar modules come with a 25-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty.